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Manager (209) 607 0156

706 W. Lucas Rd Lodi CA 95242


Stable Services

For new clients please download each of the three documents and complete.

  1. Boarding Contract 

  2. Liability Release Form   

  3. Stable Policy

If you have any questions please contact us 209 607 0156

  Open Daily   7am to 9.00pm  open till 10pm on hot days (above 90f)

Feeding of hay twice daily

We feed:

   A choice of Grassy Alfalfa, Orchard/Rye, Grass with a little Alfalfa .

   Pellets for Senior Horses who cannot chew the hay

   Custom Supplements  

Routine cleaning for, paddocks, pastures and stalls, Shavings for stalls and selected paddocks

Scheduling of stables Farrier and Vet

Tack and grain space (limited).


 Riding Arena's (routinely worked)


280 x 100  with sand plus Great Lights

300 x 130  Arena

240 x 130 incl Full Dressage court,  

70 x 140 arena (with rubber)

63 ft Round pen

Plus Trotting Track/Trail course on the property, a change from the arena





Trail riding along Irrigation Canal

2 Grass Turnouts 50 x 250

Horses checked twice daily

Shelters for  horses

Wash racks w/hot water

Lighted gravel parking

Barn Barbeques

Dressage Shows

CHSA Western Shows


Break Room includes Heat and Air, Fridge, microwave laptop,  


PRICES as of Nove 2016 

Hauling 209 368 7731 70.00 min  
Stall with paddock   475.00 (includes shavings)  
Grass Paddock (large)   400.00  
Grass Paddock (small)  375.00  
Paddocks  24x105  360.00  
Paddocks  36 x 48      350.00

Paddocks  36 x 24


Pasture     315.00  
Extra feeding (hay) * 30.00 monthly  
Feeding of grain **      34.00 monthly  
Supply/feed grain  Quote given (customized for the horse)  
Lay-ups, additional  4.00 per day  
Overnight (stall) 35.00  
Overnight (paddock) 20.00  
Blanketing          35.00 monthly  
Day Use    15.00  
Grooming          (ask for quote)  
Lunging    15.00 per day  
Trailer Storage     20.00 monthly  
Turn outs       5.00 daily  

* We feed up to 3 flakes daily depending on the individual horse

** Owner pre bags their own grain ,we feed it either AM or PM or both .(paddocks, stalls or pastured horses)