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What does it Cost.

These prices do not include freight or taxes

Prices as of April 1st 2003

    Per Day*  $/day  
Fastrack Probiotic Pack        
   1.5 lb bag    $8.00 1oz 33c  
   5 lb bag  $25.00 1oz 31c most common purchase
   8 lb pail  $38.00 1oz 30c  
Fastrack Equine Gel        
   20cc tube single   $25.00 2cc Foals $2.50  Foaling
    4cc Adult $5.00  
   6 tube/case  (20cc each) $120.00 2cc Foal $2.00  Foaling
    4cc Adult $4.00  
Fastrack Liquid Dispersible        
   single 1lb can   $35.00 1teaspoon/adult 36c can be added to water or loose trace minerals for  herds
    1/2 teaspoon weaning to adult 18c Add to Foal milk

*base on an average horse of 1100lbs