Heidi Chote of First Chance Farm in Wilton, CA.

I have been a member of CDS since 1986 and have had my own Dressage and Eventing Barn here in Wilton for 15 years now.

Iíve been an ďLĒ program graduate since 1991 and have judged schooling shows regularly since that time.

I have been involved with Instructor Training programs since 1985 including educators such as Major Jeremy Beale, Capt. Mark Phillips, Edgar Hotz, Major Anders Lindgren, Mary Wanless, Sandy Howard and Conrad Schumacher. 

Iíve participated in the APTI program since its inception and have attended numerous USDF University Courses.  Iíve participated in a 9 day intensive USDF Instructor Workshop and Pre Cert and am planning to do so again this year.

I have a USDF Bronze Medal and am working towards my Silver.

I have been the Chairperson for our local CDS chapter for two terms. 

I spent last March in Germany at the International Academy of Equestrian Studies riding with Stephan Kiesewetter and am returning this March for additional training.

In addition to the horse addiction Iím also afflicted with two teenage daughters.  One is an A team vaulter and the other is a dressage and event rider.  I have two Jack Russell's, but have no breed prejudices. 

Thatís me in a nutshell. 

 Who are you?  Write in and ask questions, ask for help or tell a story. 

 Looking forward to meeting more of you as the year goes on.


Thanks, Heidi